Kodo ko Roti

Kodo ko roti is typical prepared from finger millet locally called Kodo which is served with Sidra ko achar.

Preparation: Mix finger millet flour with 1 cup of water and knead to make a thick paste. Spread a heap of paste over a Bepari or Banana leaf, covered by another leaf, and bake in heat Tawa (Flat Pan). Transfer the partially baked dough with leaf inside the earthen oven in a vertical position for 3 min. Remove the leaf while eating. kodo ko roti is served with Sidra ko achar.


3 Responses to “Kodo ko Roti”

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  2. […] and cook as directed. * Serve chambray hot with til ko alu. Kodo ki Roti:  I found a recipe here and thought it was easy to prepare this roti style instead. I added some green chillies also […]

  3. Raju Sharma said

    My favourite roti

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